When anyone drives up or walks up to your home or office, the first thing they will notice is the exterior condition of it. First impression can last a lifetime and if you are looking to make the right one, then you will need to get yourself a properly landscaped exterior. Taking proper care and maintenance to your lawn or yard can speak volumes in terms of first impressions.

Schenectady Lawn Care can handle all the hard parts, we do not mind getting a bit dirty so that you do not have to! From lawns to pavers to stone walkways, we can help design the perfect landscape or you to enjoy. Give us a call so we can schedule a walk-through estimate of what you can expect in terms of price and quality.

Themed Gardens

A popular item for and yard is a themed garden. We help you set up raised gardening beds or even just ground level flower gardens. With all the variables of soil conditions and weather, in order to have the proper garden that will last and look gorgeous, it’s imperative to have the right types of flowers. Schenectady Lawn Care can help you with the set up and initial planting of your flower gardens, we can even maintain it unless you’d like to maintain it yourself.


In recent years a strong hardscape has become a go to must for most backyards. The come in many shapes and sizes. A really prominent and long lasting look is the backyard paver. With an endless among of sizes and shapes, pavers can really add a certain degree of sophistication to any landscape design. They are easy maintenance, durable and when laid down right; extremely good looking.
Pavers also make a great finish around any inground pool, as it is not uncommon for the soil around an inground pool to not be as compacted as it should be prior to a concrete slab being poured. As large masonry and monolithic structures, concrete sidewalk type construction around a pool can be open left open to cracking and damage due to soil settling. This problem is mitigated with pavers, and not only is it mitigated; but should there be any damage to a section, only that area or a few blocks need any changing out. Over the long run this can save time and money.

​Another growing trend (although been around a while) is stone walkways. They can lend a higher end look to any yard. These areas can be easily defined and maintained making them an ideal finish piece. E can remove any old stone walkways and replace them with a fresher look.

Retaining Walls

Any yard with grade height differences can benefit from a good retaining wall. They not only are functional, but can look great accent all the other hard work you have put into your property. Mainly used to control water flow and overall protect your home, they can make a for a great opportunity to put in a decorative block wall.
Next time you think that your yard needs something to help make it come to life, or look like the yard you have always thought it could, call Schenectady Lawn Care and let us come over and see what we can do. We can take a mix of all our services or we can do a few individually to get your lawn looking its best!