Schenectady Lawn Care provides the Greater Capital Region with reliable and professional lawn care and landscaping services. We help our clients, both residential and commercial, create and maintain the yard they have always wanted. From the first clean up of spring to picking up the last leaf of the fall, we will be with you each and every step of the way, making sure that your property looks its best!
With different options available, we make it our job to make sure that whether you own multiple apartment buildings, or are looking for a reliable Lawn Care service provided, that we have a structure that fits your needs. Give us a ring and let us come out and see what we can do for you and how we can help your property look its absolute best.

Many newly purchased homes may need more than just some lawn care, they may need a whole new lawn altogether. We offer new lawn sodding services, now you can have the new lawn look no matter how old the house may be. Let us estimate what it would take to remove what is left and start prepping your yard to receive its new sod!

Seasonal Yard Clean up

Why spend the time picking up sticks and leaves on your days off, when you can just hire us?! Schenectady Lawn Care allows you to spend more time doing the things you love, and spend less time on the things you don’t. We offer season yard cleanups, we can help bag and remove all the fallen leaves in time for the first snow fall, and be there when the snow melts to make sure your yard is cleaned up and ready for summer enjoyment!

Tree Services

In the past, we provided a full line of tree services, such as trimming, pruning, shrub removal, and even stump grinding. However, recently we’ve started to focus on lawn care only. If you still need tree trimming, tree removal or any related service, visit to book an appointment. They’ve got the best tree service in Albany and they’ll be able to handle any size project. We put our full support behind them.

Hydroseeding, Flowers, Shrubs

We also offer hydroseeding, flower services and shrub removal and planting. We work closely with local experts in Hydroseeding, we make sure that you get the best slurry for your soil conditions. Hydroseeding can help to control erosion on large hills and help bring more volume back to thinning lawns.
Everyone knows the mark of a truly well kept lawn is the trimmed hedges, pristine shrubs and well kept flower beds. Schenectady Lawn Care will help you edge and respreads new mulch, plant the proper flower arrangements, and keep your bushes trimmed and looking their best.

Some new homes and buildings come with a meticulously cut and taken care of yard, and some homes and buildings do not. If you are one of the lucky ones that inherited some great looking landscaping, congratulations, and let us know when you want us there to keep it that way (see below services!) and if you weren’t one of the lucky ones, well you’re in luck, we happen to provide Landscaping services!

Let us take care of all the heavy lifting to make your lawn look it’s best. We will plant the trees of your choice, edge out mulched areas, and construct retaining walls or any other structure that may be needed to have a pristine looking yard! We offer our services to both the commercial project manager that needs a seasonal budget, or the retired home owner on a budget, let us give you a free estimate and figure out the best solution for you.

Landscape Pavers, Walkways, Patios

Accenting a well kept yard can always seem like a daunting task, the digging, the prepping, and don’t forget the backbreaking work of laying down the pavers. Pavers can be a timeless and very classic look for any backyard, but why deal with all the hard work when we can?

Schenectady Lawn Care can take that off your hands, we can lay the pavers of your choice in an endless amount of patterns. Much like a backsplash is to a well put together kitchen, a good set of patterned pavers will give your backyard what it needs to stand out and be ready to enjoy.

As stamped concrete and other methods of hardscaping become more and more popular, we have seen a rise in concrete repair and other associated maintenance over the long term. When you use pavers or stone walkways, you will see these products eb and flow with your landscaping and allow the earth to naturally move without compromising their structural integrity. Overtime pavers and stone walkway when kept clean and maintained will give your yard a more natural and classic look that will stand the test of time.

Retaining Walls

Another large aspect of proper landscaping and your overall lawn care plan will always be water and site management. Too much water sheeting off areas that are raised can cause major damage to your lawn below and possibly your home. Retaining walls are a great way of controlling this runoff and making sure that your yard and home are safe.

Many aspects to take into account will be how your site is currently graded, if you have a structure there now and it isn’t working, what happened and why? And also with an assortment of products out on the market now, what would be the best product for your wall? Some higher end looks are wood grained sleepers and split masonry blocks. Something a little cheaper would be wood timbers; which when properly installed can get you some longevity (not as much as concrete and block) but some longevity on a tighter budget.

Whatever your yard may need, we can do it! Give us a call today and lets get started!